Saturday, March 30, 2013

Prioritizing patron training

Instead of waiting until we could create a whole new digital media lab to provide our patrons with training on software applications, we went ahead and designated a computer with a static IP address and subscribed to!

Patrons AND staff will now be able to access great training videos on a variety of software in the Reference Department. This is a great first step in turning our library into a truly functional Makerspace for our adult patrons.

We're prioritizing an expanded in-house video instruction library so our patrons are given lots of opportunity to become comfortable and even savvy at downloading books, using state-of-the-art apps, and all the ways they can use their new devices to access material at the library.

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  1. Update: Our computer is up and running. The depth and breadth of course offerings is amazing! You can spend 10 minutes or hours on a subject and get something out of it.


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