Sunday, March 17, 2013

How do you become a Makerspace if you don't have dedicated space?

Space usage for programs is always an issue.
Even without the additional challenge of creating open-ended Makerspace programming we have conflicting demands on our space. Community needs and library programs frequent vie for space and we are always reminding people that they need to allow for time before and after a program to set up and clean up.

What I am currently doing with my Tuesday afternoon Middle School Cardboard World builders is that, for the month duration of this project, I have been allowed to build in the room, then store the project on the tiled area and screen it off, thereby allowing the large, unwieldy cardboard structures to be hidden from view.

This allows authors to sign in the room, toddlers to jump and dance, Laughter Yoga enthusiasts to laugh, Game Night folks to Just Dance and it doesn't look unsightly.

It's great to have a supportive administration and collegial co-workers who understand. But most open space in libraries needs to be multi-usage and we all have to be flexible.

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