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Nitty gritty details of Arduino installations....

Here's one of our Arduino interactive mural installation elements.

The challenge for us is to find the balance between getting our Maker-in-Residence to install a few elements to give us a sense of what is possible and "jump-start" the installation but not doing the whole thing for us.

We want our young patrons to build and explore the artistic and technological possibilities and learn the building blocks of 3D printing and programming for microprocessors. We have our work cut out for us and there may be some post-session mopping up to do, but that's okay.

My new favorite 3D Printing tool

I'm in love.....

Digital Caliper Tool

We tried to print an iPhone case twice and still did not get the exact measurements right because we were using a regular ruler. With the Digital Caliper, we can now get an exact reading which will help with persnickety items like a phone case. It's available through Amazon for only $30.  This is also a quick and easy way to show kids what the actual size of their object is before printing.

Starting the Arduino interactive garden mural

We are starting to paint our garden, designed and facilitated by Duxbury artist, Sally Dean, on the plastic blue partition wall. The garden elements are being 3D printed by the kids and teens and today we will begin learning from Kevin Osborn, how to write Arduino code to make the servos that power the interactivity work!

This is a big, on-going project, which is just the kind of thing we feel sparks creativity and BIG thinking in a Makerspace.

Tools and equipment:

Portable Partition from Minnesota companyAcrylic paints, brushes, drop clothes, etc.Gridding out the garden design with a wax pencilArduino kits from SparkfunLots of extra sensors and stuff from Adafruit