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Here's a Maker who is contributing to the wealth of resources libraries can tap for Maker projects

Limor Fried, graduate of MIT started Adafruit Industries in downtown NYC.

Adafruit is a great resource for electronic kits and supplies. In addition to Makershed, Adafruit is a resource for ideas, kits, badges of accomplishments. She's building a client/supporter base that is enviable.

Plus, she's a girl. With pink hair.

MaKey MaKey: The PHILS explore electronic interactivity

We had a session today with the popular MaKey MaKey kits: a conductor board, alligator clips and a USB cable. Using the kits, laptops, and online games and instruments, we explore the variety of ways we can create input and controls.

Replacing the space key and the mouse click with bananas and asparagus spears linked by alligator clips and a grounding link, we discover the random aspects of linkage and replacement.

Finding a way to make a joy stick with paper and heavy graphite lines on it makes it clear how things work... what else can we do with these fun tools?  Watch and wait for that to be revealed.

Limitations include needing a laptop for each MaKey MaKey and the need for reliable Internet connectivity, though that was blessedly not compromised at this session. I think there were fewer folks in the building using mobile devices so our Wifi connections were unimpeded.

Making Change: The DFL Administrators think big!

Making Change: Transformation and Creativity in Libraries, the MLS workshop in Worcester, MA was attended by the Administrative Staff of the Duxbury Free Library, June 13 2013.    We got a lot of information and inspiration from nationally recognized speakers and from staff of community organizations.  
Rose Hickey, Carol Jankowski, David Murphy and Denise Garvin in front of an inflatable reading room.   Not pictured: Nancy Denman.

Focus Group Shares Ideas and Suggestions with Library Staff

Gathering a group of thoughtful, engaged local Duxbury residents helped us push our "Library-as-Makerspace" ideas even further with a sense of community "buy-in."
A lively discussion ensued, much of which is shared here:

Links we showed include:
Westport Library's 3D printerInnisfil Library's Digital Media Lab - the business editionDuxbury Free Library PHILS first electronics workshop
Ideas: 3-D PrinterHelp with social mediaBuilding a web siteCollaborating with the schools / different needs for different generationsGathering placeCollaborate with service groups such as the Lion’s ClubFabrication lab w/ training and tinkering availablePhotography / dark roomPlace for projects to be worked on / mentoring avail.Setting for parents/children to go something together.Craft sale of handmade products / learn a business model.Opportunities to write / publish /Setting for parents/children to go something together.Use computers for instructions... step-by-step processe…

A weekly laboratory of motion and materials. The PHILS explore the properties of matter.

Defying Gravity - taking the marble slide to a whole new level

The PHILS continue to explore the physics of motion with cardboard, recycled materials, marbles and a challenge to make the marble slide at least 5 seconds long....