Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MaKey MaKey: The PHILS explore electronic interactivity

We had a session today with the popular MaKey MaKey kits: a conductor board, alligator clips and a USB cable. Using the kits, laptops, and online games and instruments, we explore the variety of ways we can create input and controls.

Replacing the space key and the mouse click with bananas and asparagus spears linked by alligator clips and a grounding link, we discover the random aspects of linkage and replacement.

Finding a way to make a joy stick with paper and heavy graphite lines on it makes it clear how things work... what else can we do with these fun tools?  Watch and wait for that to be revealed.

Limitations include needing a laptop for each MaKey MaKey and the need for reliable Internet connectivity, though that was blessedly not compromised at this session. I think there were fewer folks in the building using mobile devices so our Wifi connections were unimpeded.

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