Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Creating the atmosphere of tinkering

Jessica helps Andrew trouble shoot his Larson Scanner
Tinkering is the goal of any Makerspace.

It's not enough to have people sign up for pre-planned projects. What we are striving to do is train patrons in skills, give them some experiences to draw from and then let them explore and discover how their own imaginations, skills they have developed and an appreciation for what is possible to build, construct, develop their own projects.

Groups are not herded into the same project. Choice is an important component.

On Tuesday, we came just a bit closer to the ideal of open tinkering....

Eli, Jackson, Peter, Martin and Stephen build their siege catapults

Robert explores the possibilities of our new 3Doodler to "draw" in 3 dimensions.

Andrew and Ben work on their Larson Scanners

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