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Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire : a big success!

 Bringing a group of antsy middle school boys to the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, really brought home the principles of Do It Yourself in a big way.

We set up a table for folks to solder a little Maker badge: 2 LEDs, a cell battery holder and a tie tack to hold it on. At the last minute, I threw in a MaKey MaKey kit and the 3 Doodler.

Turns out, our table was busier than we could handle and we ran out of material around 1 p.m.!
I wish I had brought three times as many badge kits and 3Doodler plastic as I did.

Granted, it was another rainy Saturday in a never-ending cold and clammy Spring that hasn't really happened and I think folks are tired of the same old winter routines. The Maker Faire was free, open to everyone and in a great space on the campus of Cape Cod Community College.

There was a wide range of exhibitors: 3-D printers, Martha's Vineyard High School's dump-diving go carts, Barnstable High School's great mapping application, Truro Library had a gardening table, there was a fantastic Steampunk invention group who demonstrated crazy gears, wheels, and assorted gizmos... It was a great mix of high and low tech.

Bottom line, we all got pretty revved up by what we saw and how much fun people had making their badges and name signs with us. Laura Sullivan and Amy Rusinak, parents and big supporters of the Makerspace initiative at the DFL, were invaluable in helping getting us down there and launched.

This week is our last PHILS meeting, so it is a bittersweet time for all of us.
Going on hiatus until summer while we bring the reference department's Digital Media Lab into existence!



  1. Wow. What a great event! I loved your table's creativity!


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