Monday, January 27, 2014

Small projects provide a window into an area of skill-building

One of the challenges of using a multi-purpose room is that we have to clean up after 1 1/2 hours. Either we disassemble things to store away or we try to choose projects that are quickly finished.
But we still want to challenge folks in new ways and not give them busy work.

Smaller projects like the following ones are opportunities to learn a new skill that might lead a youth or adult to explore further on their own.
Bristle Bots

Solo cup w/ DC motor
Solder a Maker Badge

    Franken-Elmo Take Apart

    Programming with Scratch or Hopscotch

    Skyping with an expert
    Soldering a Drawdio

    Take Apart Table
    Wearable electronics - sparkle bow

    Knitting squares to make a blanket

    Building with Keva planks

    Stop motion with iPad and iStopMotion

    Resources include:

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