Thursday, January 30, 2014

Goal Oriented or Playful Tinkering?

Here's a conundrum:  How do you get people to build skills, take initiative, feel a sense of ownership of what they form, build, or create if all you offer are one-shot projects that can be completed quickly and have a pre-set outcome?

That's where tinkering and playfulness should take over after a skill have been developed.

Libraries can be the best place for tinkering simply because we are not in the grading or judging business.
Allowing for open-ended playful exploration can be scary as a projector coordinator because you have to trust that something will come out the experience that can justify the use of materials, tools, and space.

If you're looking for some philosophical firm ground to stand on, here are two excellent videos to have your decision-makers watch:

TED Talk: Science is for Everyone - Kids included: Beau Lotto & Amy O'Toole

TED Talk: Play is more than just fun: Stuart Brown

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