Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Podcasting to spread the Makerspace gospel...!

We have a podcast blog for which we have highlighted the Makerspace initiative this week:


Please subscribe to us on your Feedly or whatever Readers you use....
If you download podcasts from itunes, you can find us as a subscription podcast in their catalog.
Search either Duxbury Free Library or Difflepresents. We've got 4 podcasts in the itunes catalog but plan to increase that number substantially in the weeks to come.

There is SO much going on these days.
Many initiatives to discuss and lots of people to interview and gain wisdom from!

The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan
Once Upon a Flock: Life with My Soulful Chickens by Lauren Scheuer
Learning about Bees from Mr. Krebs by Alice Flanagan
Arduino for Dummies by John Nussey
Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries for Today's Complex World by David Lankes

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