Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Be a place where community members can learn from each other.

The library can be a place where people passionate about their hobbies can share their love for things like knitting, chicken-raising, bee-keeping, coupon-cutting, photography, music, writing, electronic gadgets, fishing, travel...

You name it, there's probably a community member doing it with knowledge, passion, and an interest in sharing their hobbies with others. Why does it have to be a big deal, an expensive commitment, a risky new challenge?  Why can't it be neighbors teaching neighbors and sharing their experience and passion about a life style choice?

Listen, ask, dig under the surface for the expertise and commitment needed for great programming. Set up a regular schedule, provide space, equipment, staff support and good media advertising and your library will become the go-to place for information and support.

The best teachers are people who are passionate about the subject - who are doing it for love.  Set up some practice sessions so you can help your patrons hone their presentation skills, support them in sharing their love for their subject and you've got a ready-made stable of experts who will draw crowds to their sessions.

Something as prosaic as how to be effective in using coupons, freebies, and discounts can be a popular topic for a program.

How do you go about choosing colors for a room?

How do you start a home business?

How do you go about self-publishing?

These are the kinds of questions that your community may be rich with expertise and yet hungry for the discussion.  

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