Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3D Printing Tips

Here are some go to tools to have when 3D printing: box cutter, needle nose pliers, wire snips

The wire snips are handy when you build any kind of supports or rafts onto your project and you need to carefully cut them off. The needle nose pliers I usually use to remove gunk from the tip of the extruder and the boxcutter was for getting off those 3D printed jobs that have stuck themselves to the non heated plate.

My newest tool: painter's tape. Sometimes the simplest things can make life easier. As I was struggling with my box cutter to pry a 3D creation from our Cube 2 non heated plate, a man went by our table at the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire and said, "Oh just cover the plate with painter's tape". EUREKA! I still have to cover the masking tape with our special glue before printing but now when I try to pull off the creation I just pull at a tape strip and it comes off easily. No more soaking the plate for 10 minutes in hot water or prying it off with a knife (or in the case of the Maker Faire having neither!).

Before the bunny ring, I had printed a chicken and when I tried to pry it off (without the tape) I broke off its legs!!! Nothing like 3 hours of printing for nothing. Luckily a glue gun did the trick to put it back together but the painter's tape would have made it a non issue. 

Check out all the fun things we've printed in our Flickr Album.


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  2. Wonderful tips..Very helpful.. Thanks for this. 3D printing can be fun but sometimes challenging.

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  5. We have upgraded to an Ultimaker 2 and never looked back! Higher quality prints and it is much easier to unclog.


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