Friday, May 15, 2015

Painting and 3D printing

 So I've 3D printed my earrings, now what?

I decided to try enamel painting with very small model micro brushes. I bought a Testor starter set at Michael's Craft Store (with a coupon of course) for under $20. I will warn you there are a multitude of flammable and "cancer causing" chemical warnings on the front. Maybe OK for teens and up only? I'm sure spray paint has the same warnings but we still use it in moderation so I'll leave that call up to you. Upon further research, you can also use acrylic based paints on 3D plastic with a primer and sealant. The good thing about the enamel is I didn't do either of those things in an effort to save time. I'm sure primer and sealant have a bunch of warnings on them too.

The strong smell is that of industrial nail polish so have LOTS OF OPEN WINDOWS. I still wouldn't consider this quick drying unless you are really precise with the small amount you put on. I wasn't delicate with the amounts I glommed on so it took an hour after my white base coat on the pokeballs to start another coat which would negate my idea for a short 1 hr art program the day after 3D printing to customize the jewelry.  It only took 2 coats to fully cover up the green plastic front and back.  If only I could rig up something to paint both sides at the same time I think there could be a program out of this yet....As you can see from the picture once they did dry the colors are stunning. I ended up with some paint on my hands which came right off in the shower. I can't wait to model them at the library!

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