Sunday, April 26, 2015

Breaking the barrier between techie and artist

Moving library programming from passive to active modes has attracted and revealed many people's dual strengths. We love it when the artistic side of people's personalities meets up with their nerdy, techie side. Regular, reliable times when teens can come in to tinker has opened up programs to many busy teens who may have thought they couldn't possible squeeze in another activity.

Cases in point:

Lauren Matthews, a poet, fan fiction writer, and excellent conversationalist, is also keenly interested in creating sculptures and objects with our 3D printers. She is also a whiz at Garageband and photo editing tools, a useful skill when creating our Radiofaces podcasts.

Ted Wahle is a big, big, music fan. He hosts one of our music-themed podcasts and has become an expert on designing for the 3D printer. He likes to pursue his artistic as well as his techie side.
He's hoping to do some live streaming interviews for us at the Levitate music festival this summer!

At the library, in our open-ended, Hackerlab-style programs, these two talented teens can go as far as they want without feeling like there is a grade or a performance riding on their efforts.

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