Saturday, February 7, 2015

Podcasting with teens

Radiofaces groups reading through script in teen lounge
Our teen podcasting group, the Radiofaces, has been re-constituted from a few years ago, and now meets weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the high school drama department schedule, all school year.

Lately we have enjoyed reading short folk tales adapted by Aaron Shepard, in his excellent book, Folktales on Stage: Scripts for Reader's Theater.

Set-up for podcasting
The teens are making these their own by adopting kind of crazy accents and affectations that they find goofy. The only reservation I have for this is that the result has to be intelligible!

What do we use for recording? Why, the Blue Yeti multi-directional mic, of course! This powerhouse of a mic can be adjusted to mono-directional, bi-directional, and omnidirectional. We use it plugged into one of our Mac laptops running Garageband. This makes it super easy to edit, add opening and closing music, save to iTunes and send it off to our podcasting host service, Liberated Syndication, which publishes it in the iTunes catalog (search in the podcast catalog under the name: diffle presents), on the LibSyn web site and out onto RSS feeds such as Feedly! You can subscribe via email or RSS. We also have it publish out to the library podcast blog here.

We don't have our own LibSyn account yet, so we're piggybacking on the library podcast service now but we hope to be able to become independent in the future!

How it appears in iTunes catalog

Our latest effort is the American tall tale, Slappy Hooper. Check it out!

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