Sunday, November 2, 2014

Getting adults and girls in on the Arduino action

Sidney codes the blinking light array with her dad
while Bill Johnson shows them his Arduino sensors.
We finally invited adults to come discover the wonders and power of Arduino microprocessing kits. With his real life application story of using Arduinos in an industrial diagnostic setting, Bill Johnson added an urgency and interest level for the adults to consider. Getting familiar with Arduino and code is a ticket to an innovative job, he says.

Jess showed us her clever Halloween applications and then the teens went to work showing their parents just how the bread boards, code, and micro-processors work together. They ran through the blinking lights exercises pretty fast and moved directly into coding messages in their LCD panels. Whew!

Lily shows her dad how to change the message
on the LCD screen through re-coding.
Jacob shows his dad how the Arduino works.

Julia works next to Sandra and digs out the
potentiometer for her project.
Our Simmons GSLIS intern, Anne, and I
find the right pin to match the pattern.


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