Monday, August 4, 2014

Lego Contest is a Sure Hit!

I was overjoyed this morning when I counted 57 entries in our 2nd Annual Lego Contest. The Lego Contest is one of the easiest program we've had all summer and by far, my favorite.  Participants of all ages (up to 12) create a scene from their unique Lego World at home, write a story about it, and bring it in. We host a week of bringing in entries and a week of displaying them all over the children's room while our staff judges deliberate.

Judging is based on good stories, creativity, and attention to detail. The size requirements is no bigger than 11 X 14 inches and it cannot be a set built from instructions. Those are the only guidelines I give. e try to keep entries as close to the front desk as possible and pictures are taken just in case anything gets knocked over.

Entries ranged from a working gumball machine to a futuristic civil war to a drive-in movie theater. It was great to see so many girls participate this year. I hate to admit it, but I think the pink Lego friends franchise combined with the popularity of a strong female character in The Lego Movie has made a huge difference.

My favorite part of the contest is the literacy component. It's one thing to look at Lego people in a house and think "Oh that's nice" but they take on a whole new perspective once you read their stories. It's important to have a venue like the library where kids aren't graded for their stories. I found the ones in conversational tone quite charming. We had entrants as young as 4 years old with their parents writing down what they said. 

A special album is posted on our Facebook page to include the pictures and stories of all the entries for people to "like". Whichever creation gets the most likes by Thursday will win a special popular prize.  Feel free to like your favorite! I warn you, it's a tough choice.

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