Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Commit to well-labelled storage

Clear drawers are super storage option
As with any new initiative, committing time and money are of utmost importance. But no less critical is the issue of storage!

Has the library made a commitment to housing all the supplies and tools necessary to run a small electronics lab? A sewing center? A crafting corner?
We are lucky to have a lockable multipurpose room with built in cupboards (it used to host an in-house cafe for patrons which didn't work out). The cupboards provide a welcome location to tuck away tool kits, painting supplies, boxes of costumes, recyclables, etc. that we were using for our annual 4th of July parade float and various on-going programs to which we had made a commitment.

When the notion of a Makerspace came up, we all thought of the Resource Room immediately, but, as the chief "Maker of Messes," "Uncontrollable glitter-meister,"  in the Resource Room, I was keenly aware of the danger of making this space unusable for the many, many other programs the library supports.
Luckily, our local Maker Mentor, Chris Connors, gave us a whole bunch of clear drawers that we could label and tuck away in a corner. Parents of our Middle School DIY club came up with some super plastic bins that have proved invaluable for bulky storage.

Samurai Cardboard Warrior,
Guardian of Makerspaces
Be SURE to take the time to label everything as best you can. This makes the equipment accessible to other staff members and opens the whole Makerspace initiative up to more and more creative ideas!

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