Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Developing Local Skills

Today we started with a Makerspace initiative teaching basic soldering to our Middle school rapscallions, the PHILS, with the super "newbie-friendly" Maker badge. Suzanne and I felt pretty confident based on our previous tinkering...

We were able to refresh our own soldering know-how while giving our antsy Middle Schoolers the training they needed while they had their after-school snacks.
Thank goodness for youtube video tutorials.
Here's the one we watched:

Lo and behold, the guys dove right in without hesitation and, after a few false starts (be sure to buy a couple extra kits), they all got their badges to light up!

Then, in the evening, we shifted gears and hosted Kerrie Capraro and her awesome family of Suburban Homesteaders as they presented, Raising Chickens in the Suburbs! Wow. They really made their case for this exciting family project - so many wonderful experiences that enrich family life.

 There was much experience and expertise shared generously. What I found fascinating was that many of the folks who turned up were either already embarked on this big life-shifting experiment, raising chickens as a family enterprise in a suburban location, OR are getting ready to take the plunge. We made sure everyone had the opportunity to join an email list and make suggestions as to what other programs might be interesting for the library to host.

For example:  
  • Sharing Home Remedies
  • Foraging

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