Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Night of Knitting 8/19

On Monday, August 19 a new monthly gathering started at the DFL: Knit Night. Run by Karen Hahn, circulation assistant and passionate knitter, this group will meet the 3rd Monday of every month, 6:00- 8:00PM  in the Resource Room for the foreseeable future.

I'm making a blanket, can you tell?
About 12 women (including me in the middle there) showed up for the first meeting. Many had projects started and were there to enjoy knitting with a group, while others were beginners learning how to knit, and some folks brought difficult projects along to get Karen's help with particular problems. Karen gave us a little lecture about the importance of gauge swatches and was both helpful and encouraging to anyone who had a question.

Karen, in turquoise, during a teachable moment.

I, for one, am the only knitter in my circle of family and friends, so it was great to be around people who also like talking about yarn and knitting patterns. Knitting is a great fit with the Makerspace initiative, even though it is not technology based, because it is people sharing their knowledge of this particular skill and making something from scratch. But I am interested in the melding of technology and crafts, especially light up clothing! Maybe that will be a Makerspace project in the future.

If you are a knitter, or any type of fiber artist, come and join us! Are there other crafting groups that you would like to see at the Duxbury Free Library?

And if you're interested, listen to Karen and me talk about knitting on this podcast episode of The Diffle Presents: The Diffle Presents: Episode 6, The Lowdown on Knitting

WIP: Work In Process

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