Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Flipping" the classroom

 One of the latest ideas in educational practice is the concept of "flipping" the classroom. This means that homework involves watching videos of lectures with step-by-step instructions that students can follow at their own speed. Class time is spent with students working on problems and creating content with the teacher available to coach, prompt, reiterate and underscore key concepts and ways things go together.
This is a practical and efficient a way to use the wisdom and knowledge of a human teacher and emphasizes the importance of the student actively engaging in their own learning!

Here at the Duxbury Free Library we are taking this kind of learning seriously with our new subscription to, an online database of courses on all kinds of things from software to business concepts. Our patrons can jump onto our dedicated Makerspace public computer and sign up for web design courses, classes on social media, how to design a business plan, market a new product, create and push out information and media to potential clients and buyers.  

David watches course while practicing on laptop offers short and in depth courses on topics way beyond the instructional expertise of most of us. Short, repeatable video lessons breaks down the subject into bite sized chapters, easy to digest.

The Reference staff is then available to give hands-on help to patrons who are navigating new devices, downloading tools, and helping patrons find resources in both traditional and newer formats.

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